Medical Disposables

Features Specifications:

Protect your linens, mattress, and furniture from incontinence. Unlike other incontinence products that require washing and are very expensive, these sheet protectors are completely disposable and very cost effective. The Disposable Underpads also offer the added benefit of a smooth side to help in patient transfer and repositioning!

  • Designed to fit the body, with elastic at the legs and waist
  • Strong refasten able tapes let you adjust tape tabs as often as you need for best it with no tearing
  • Super absorbent polymer fluff layer contains more super polymer that absorbs wetness quickly and locks it away to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Anti-leakage barriers
  • Soft breathable cover allows fresh air to circulate through the cover, making your skin dry
  • Double replaceable plastic adhesive tabs
  • Wetness indicator
  • Size specifications: 800 x 640mm; 960 x 800mm; 1020 x 850 mm ie Medium, Large and Extra Large