Geo Bags

Geo Bags

Geo Bags is one of the many products manufactured by us. We offer supreme quality Geo Bags which is filled with soil and properly sewn. Geo Bags is a great substitute of conventional marine protection material. Our Geo Bags has high strength and long life span. All of the above attributes have made us one of the leading Geo Bags Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers based in Maharashtra, India. The Geo Bags that we offer are sand-filled high-strength woven geotextile bags available in the size of 3m long, 1.7m wide, and 0.8m high. Each bag weighs about 8 tons and has the applications in riverbank, beach protection, and offshore breakwaters.


  • Wetland Construction
  • Protection For Beach Abrasion
  • Breakwater
  • Containment Dikes For Dredge Materials


  • Material & make: Needle punched, staple fiber, high elongation, nonwoven PET geo textile, should resist ultraviolet, rooting & biological degradation, naturally encountered acids and alkalis.
  • Mass (GSM) as per ASTM D 5261 = 300 gm/m2
  • Wide width tensile strength (both direction) as per ASTM D 4595 = 9.00 KN/M
  • Elongation (both directions) as per ASTM D 4595 = 50%
  • Static puncture strength as per ASTM D 6241 = 1400 N
  • AOS as per ASTM D 4751 = 100 micron
  • Permittivity as per ASTM D 4491 = 1.25
  • UV resistance @500 hrs as per ASTM D 4355 = 70%
  • Trapezoidal Tear strength as per ASTM D 4533 = 340 N
  • Volume of filled Bag = 0.07 M3
  • Weight of filled Bag = 126 kg

Stitching: Ring Spun Yarn stitches with = 2500- 3500 denier (PET/PP): double line chain stitch with overlap stitches along the edges @ minimum 15 stitches/ 100 mm